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Our aura is the surrounding bio-energetic field that directly feeds into, + nourishes our chakras - the energetic centres  which in turn sustain the four pillars of our being.

Ideally, pure energy enters + flows through the body, is used + then dissipates.   However, depending on the health of our aura + chakras, dense or negative energy is drawn in during emotional duress + is stored in our chakras, or 'blows out' of our energy field causing auric discrepancies. 

Environmental toxins + toxic people are a reality + like sponges we absorb.  We get attached + energetic entities attach to us.  Purifying our aura + our environment should be a necessary aspect of self-care.  


This collection was inspired by crystals that have a profound ability to cleanse, repair + maintain an optimum level of pure, high vibe energy.  


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