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Featured on a sparkling white Huelandite matrix is glistening crystal super-power, green Prehnite.  

Prehnite + Huelandite

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    • self love
    • spirit guides
    • deep cleanse
    • higher self 
    • dreams
    • expansion




    Consider energetic multiplication, 1 + 1 + 1 = the power of the Universe + you have considered the energetic repertoire of Prehnite.  

    A stone for dreaming + remembering, Prehnite enhances psychic ability + precognitive perception.  It brings the element of preparation, especially in situations were there in no prior experience or knowing.  Appreciation of the art of accuracy + precision is for those who draw comfort in exactness + believe the devil is often in the detail.   Drawing on such gifts makes Prehnite an invaluable ally in developing the Third Eye + its Green Ray vibration means it assimilates with the Heart Chakra enveloping the two in a light cocoon.  

    Prehnite will bring coherence to your environment, an aid to decision making + is complimentary to all prophesy. Prehnite will be the must-have on your divination table + working gratuitously with Tarot cards + the Pendulum.  



    As a cherished member of the Zeolite clan, this beneficent little beauty gives with both hands.  Huelandite is one of Mother Gaia’s indispensable allies, relentlessly relieving her of toxins + assisting not only in Earth’s innate healing response but of all those who tread upon her.

    A treasured memorykeeper, Huelandite is a channel stone, capable of accessing the akashic compendium via inter dimensional portals, meditation + dreamscapes.

    They enhance your innate healing response + provide complimentary energy support.

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