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O U R    C I R C L E 

VVM is a space that encompasses Crystal Keepers, Earth Guardians, Mystics, Mediums, Lightworkers + Healers.    It is a portal for the seasoned Crystal Guardian + those looking to initiate into the realm of Crystal Magic.   

Crystals make undeniably beautiful + highly personal additions to each + every sacred space + if programmed with intent can be implemented as powerful manifestation + healing tools.    


We believe that Crystals are dynamic beings, each with its own unique + energetic blueprint.  The language of frequency + vibration is inherent within us all.  Plants, animals + minerals too, all communicate energetically + symbiotically - an undisclosed, yet vibrant form of communication that permeates every living being.  

At VVM our Crystals, Stones + Minerals are intuitively hand-curated in small batches to assure their aesthetic + energetic integrity.  We sound + saltwater cleanse, clear + affirm, then soundbathe the Crystals according to specific solfreggio frequencies.  


We adore Crystals + are infinitely in awe of the power they possess to enhance + elevate your everyday.  

Crystals have unique vibrations that brighten the mundane, make heartfelt gifts + possess the extraordinary ability to positively transform the energetic quality of your environment.  Like a good friend, we believe Crystals are able to heal, protect, uplift + empower those who align with their vibratory frequencies.      

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