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Featured on a fuzzy pink Huelandite matrix is sparkling sea-green Apophyllite + pristine white Stilbite.   

Green Apophyllite + White Stilbite + Huelandite

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    • self love
    • spirit guides
    • deep cleanse
    • higher self 
    • dreams
    • expansion




    Apophyllite is the forever-darling of the mineral world + her vibration is high vibe + euphoric.  Apophyllite’s ability to bliss out your environment is phenomenal.  She is capable of facilitating a re-orientation beyond the dark night of the soul + for some,  it will feel like slipping into a brand new you.  


    Her epic light vibrations will soothe anxiety, heighten intuition + envelop you with pure love.  A real angel stone, Apophyllite will not only give you a serious case of the glad-eye but is a powerful tool for stimulating metaphysical abilities, keeping a skintight connection between your physical + spiritual self.



    Beloved Stilbite, the stone of flight + safe passage.   Stilbite means to shine + be seen.  It believes in happy ever after + nudges us to remember the initial spell of love - even on the darkest day.    A potion for sweet dreams + sweethearts,  Stilbite brings love magic to the four corners,  dissolving poison + toxicity in the actual + the metaphorical.


    Also known as a Zeolite, Stilbite is nothing short of an environmental miracle stone.  The bulk of what is unearthed is used in agricultural + horticultural endeavours due to its phenomenal ability to absorb toxins, heavy metals + even nuclear waste.   Introduced into your immediate environment they filter the air + can be used to make elixir, to release toxins from the physical body.  Able to fine tune + assimilate energy, the Zeolite family make excellent Reiki stones.  Adept energetic transmitters,  the Zeolite family are excellent stone choices for cellular + dimensional work.   They can also be very beneficial in purging entities + in promoting Earth healing.



    As a cherished member of the Zeolite clan, this beneficent little beauty gives with both hands.  Huelandite is one of Mother Gaia’s indispensable allies, relentlessly relieving her of toxins + assisting not only in Earth’s innate healing response but of all those who tread upon her.

    A treasured memorykeeper, Huelandite is a channel stone, capable of accessing the akashic compendium via inter dimensional portals, meditation + dreamscapes.

    They enhance your innate healing response + provide complimentary energy support.

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