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This beautiful touchstone features classic Dendritic details + moments translucence vs. opacity. 

Silver Dendritic Agate

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    • purification
    • grounding
    • shielding






    Dendritic Agate resonates with the crown chakra - the energetic gateway that defines our relationship with source + is symbolic of spiritual expansion + the ever-revolving evolution of self.

    Silver Dendrites make excellent self-reflection tools + when implored during meditation can reveal new directions + strengthen one’s sense of purpose. 


    Dendritic Agate is a shamanistic journey stone, offering protection + solidifying our earthly bonds.  It fortifies the silver cord during astral projection + safeguards the souls return.

    Silver Agate honours Hanwi, the Sioux Moon Goddess. Her name means Night Sun.  Like, Hanwi, Silver Dendrite is deeply protective, longs for harmony + seeks to draw balance from the natural world. 

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