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Dear Crystal Guardian - how to care for your NEW CRYSTALS...

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Dear Crystal Guardian

Thank you for taking me into your heart.

To allow me to work tirelessly + in complete synchronicity with your highest intentions you must enable me, like this :

Charge me.

Cleanse me.

Carry me or just allow me to occupy a space.

Fill me with your intent.

Smudge me.

Water me.

Talk to me - I listen.

Meditate with me.

Look at me with love + I will be your mirror.

Crystals like to be energised or 'charged' using various methods. The Full Moon is a deeply restorative way to put energy back into crystals that have been working alongside you. For convenience, each calendar month marks a new ritual that can be easily remembered. Just listen to the Earth's biorhythm's + keep an eye to the sky as the Moon waxes back to fullness. During this 24 hour period take your crystals outside. Preferably set them on the Earth. The Earth's own biomagnetism (as this has added amplitory benefits) but if not, any natural surface such as wood or concrete will do. In the event the weather gods have brewed a tempest you can place your Crystals on windowsills facing the direction to which the Moon will rise.

The Sun is another, deeply powerful way to invigorate your gems. Certain crystals like Calcite, Amethyst + Rose Quartz will eventually fade if kept in constant direct sun. I personally only use this method for short bursts. Listen to your crystals, some will gravitate to Solar Rays more than others + you will sense the ones who prefer the subtle, silvery light of the Moon.

Crystals need to be kept clean. By this, I mean free from dust + grime. At any time you can submerge your water friendly crystals in a gentle sea salt bath or even better - take them to the beach, bury them in the sand + let as many waves lap them as you can. During the winter months is a perfect opportunity to collect rainwater, charged by a full moon. Keep your rainwater in a dark place + when you feel the need, give your crystals a gentle bath. There are several Crystals (Selenite; Desert Rose) being two of them, that will disfigure + dissolve very quickly if placed in Water. If unsure, ask! Most Crystals are suited to watery immersion.

The New Moon is an ideal time to recalibrate crystal energy. You can make this time as simple or as elaborate as you like! The key is to make it yours + to have fun. Magic just works better when we're smiling, even if it's only on the inside. Write your Intentions down or say them aloud. For some, it's enough just to think them in your head. Whatever you do, mean what you say + say what you mean. Crystal Magic has a way of finding out your truth.

Smudging is a Ritual that involves passing your Crystals through smoke. Smoke is symbolic of the element Air - the space through which energy travels. Like any transportation line, air can become clogged + cluttered too, making the transference of subtle energy lines erratic or impure. Even if you can't see this interference, chances are you will be able to 'feel it'. Your Crystals will feel it also + it makes their task that much harder. White Sage is an ancient herb endemic to Southern California + when burnt provides a dense + fragrant smoke, ideal for passing Crystals through + restoring Energetic Spaces. Think of Smudging as a symbolic springclean + do it as often as you please.

Lastly, fill your crystals with love, Light + integrous intentions. Talk to them. Listen. And most of all, think of them as friends. I swear the more gratitude we feel for our crystals, the harder they work to help us realise our highest visions. What a beautiful friendship indeed!


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