Trusting Your Crystal Compass

Updated: Aug 14

When it comes to the right crystal, perfection really is in the minds-eye of the beholder.

So, how do we choose the right Crystal?

Crystal selection is a deeply personal experience that can be approached intuitively or methodically. Invariably on the road to finding the right piece, the intuitive process often takes over. Does this sound familiar? You've spent time determining an area of our life that needs a little healing, some pep or improvement + have identified a particular crystal associated with these aspects, only to find yourself drawn to an entirely different piece?

It’s like the heart + the head have a totally different take on the right crystal + this can be frustrating, as it appears to confuse what should have been a simple task.

No one of us can have ALL the Crystals ALL the time, so, for those of you who find the selective process a tad overwhelming, I wanted to share this :

Crystals are highly intuitive + they resonate with our sometimes latent but always innate ability to channel + manifest what is best for us at any given lifestage. In short, trust that your crystal compass will always point you in the direction of your true north. Crystals reach out to us fortuitously + when this happens try not to ignore the crystal who whispers the loudest. Often, before we can progress in a certain direction, we need to heal a concealed aspect of ourselves. That aspect is sometimes veiled, like a forgotten song. The crystal that speaks to you, no matter how unexpectedly, is asking to you to remember + to revisit something. Trust the methodology + be confident in a crystal's ability to select you.

A crystal's most innate + treasured ability is to heal. Whether our wounds are physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, it is unlikely that in this human condition we call life we are ever completely whole. We are shapeshifters, in a constant state of flux. Morphing from thought to movement, coloured by emotion, prompted by intution + back again. Yet, no one loop is ever the same. We don't return to the person we woke up to - not really. Something, whether mentally, spiritually, emotionally or biologically will have altered - if only slightly.

Motivated by emotional impulses, enamoured by our affections, enlivened by sensitivities, dampened by despondency + ultimately defined by our responses to stimuli, we are constant only in the fact that we change.

We cultivate likes + dislikes from moment to moment, shaping opinions as if it were clay in our hands. On a cellular level we are also in constant motion - what a truly fascinating thought!

Is this you ask, where crystals come in?

I believe so.

Crystals align with all of the above. Every aspect of our interchangeable, oscillating energy, our physicality's, our mental facilities + our emotions can be aided, guided + resolved by crystal guidance. Crystals attune with our Higher Self + if used to their full potential can act as receptacles for conscious energy.

So, what is conscious energy you ask?

Consciousness is the field of one’s awareness + energy is our consistency.

In biological terms it is our cellular makeup + our biological structure. It is our bones, our blood + everything in between. In spiritual terms it is our magnetism, prana, or chi. Energy in its highest, most evolved form is spirit, also known as ether + aligns with vibrations that divide into the spirit of peace, the spirit of love, the spirit of power + the spirit of insight.

Crystals are energy too + it is this very energy by which intention adheres + magic ensues.