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Plants + Crystals - The Domestic Goddess Dream Team

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

To truly appreciate a concept, it's never enough to be told the sum - I need to understand the parts. You can tell me Plants + Crystals are a match made in heaven or wax lyrical about their beautiful, symbiotic union, but unless I can actually 'see', ideas like this aren’t much use to me. So, I'm going to go ahead + assume we're the same. If you need to see how this possible then keep reading. I hope it sheds some much needed light.

Plants, just like humans are sensory entities + plants perceive their environment just as we do, through light perception, touch + sound. It's even more humbling to consider that at a subatomic level, whether leaf, dirt, blossom, stone or fleshy beating heart we all resemble the same basic composition.

It was insisted upon some time ago, that plants respond to subtle + not so subtle shifts in their electromagnetic environment - in other words, Plants listen to music! Now whilst some say heavy metal is preferred plant time jam + others insist that it's classical is their musical preference is yet to be proven (I mean plants are individual's too!) Yet, the one thing we can be sure of is that plants are sensitive to their environment + absorb aspects of their habitual situation. Recent research has taken this theory one-step further to prove that plants can actually control what electromagnetic activity they receive + are capable of manipulating it + transmitting it back into their immediate environment.

In other words, plants join bands, pen songs + compose symphonies. But I digress. The short story is, crystals are alive, as are we + so are Plants! We basically counteract, impact + interact through 'vibration'. And the little place we get together + do our thing is known as the electromagnetic field.

Understanding how Crystals, Humans + Plants resonate + conversate involves a short lesson in the power of electromagnetism or more succinctly the science of energy exchange.

Crystals were first forged during the Earth's formative years + continue to grow as do mountains rise + valleys fall. Some crystals are millions of years old, some are much younger, but their commonality is that they are the most orderly structure that exists in Nature. Crystals possess atomic 'perfection' + have the lowest amount of entropy (a measuring system for cellular or atomic irregularity + predictability).

The internal crystal lattice is so symmetrical + ordered + the energy that they emit, highly consistent, therefore we can depend on their energetic stability. Yah, 'cos Humans certainly aren't energetically stable + plants are no better. When dissonant or distorted energy is received, the crystal lattice rebalances + transforms it back into harmonic energy. This my dears, is Crystal Magic. And more importantly, the basis of how humans + plants benefit from having Crystals in their immediate environment.

So now we've established it's the stellar crystal vibrations that plant energy resonates with let's look at specifically how we can invigorate our plant babies.

Moon gardeners or those who sow, tend + harvest according to the phases of the Moon would benefit from introducing Moonstone into their plant time rituals. It's a lovely symbolic conduit between our efforts + the Moon itself + works a lot like sympathetic Magic. When our plant tending takes on a ritual quality, we not only send a clear message to the Universe that this relationship is real-deal, we also strengthen our union + create a mutually reciprocal co-dependance. It's like, I look after you, you look after me. What a beautiful alliance. It’s no secret that plants give back oxygen to the very air that we breathe, they are life sustaining + deserve our time + affection.

Distressed, dormant or ailing plants will have lowered, altered energy omission + an impaired energy field. Adventurine is a powerful stone for stabilising, boosting + realigning erratic plant behaviour, especially of the declining kind. Adventurine also alleviates geographic stress, removes blockages + neutralises toxins.

If a plant has been accidentally damaged or over pruned, place a piece of raw Rose Quartz at the base. Some Plants cry + weep valuable sap from their wounds. Rose Quartz shares its same soothing, healing + unconditionally loving vibes that assist us in needs of emotional need with a plant that is recovering from physical trauma.

Smoky Quartz lends a powerful, grounding energy to plant that show signs of root distress. Plants that have been under watered or kept in pots too small for long periods, are suffering from dehydration or root bound will benefit from a good soaking (preferably overnight) + situating a piece of Smoky Quartz close by.

Zeolites remove toxicity + invigorate the soil, so if for whatever reason you are not in a position to apply fertiliser but your plant needs food, place a member of the Zeolite family into the soil + it will assist in a steady nutrient supply. Zeolites also help in the transition phase that plants experience after repotting + are very effective in preventing root 'shock'.

Once your green babes are back on track it's time to bring in the big guns. Resident Master Healer Clear Quartz boosts healthy plant production + creates an environment in which they can really excel. You need only keep it near by, but the addition of Quartz promotes strong, burgeoning growth, shiny leaves + poster child specimens.

Happy Gardening Everybody!

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