Plants + Crystals - The Domestic Goddess Dream Team

Updated: Apr 1

To truly appreciate a concept, it's never enough to be told the sum - I need to understand the parts. You can tell me Plants + Crystals are a match made in heaven or wax lyrical about their beautiful, symbiotic union, but unless I can actually 'see', ideas like this aren’t much use to me. So, I'm going to go ahead + assume we're the same. If you need to see how this possible then keep reading. I hope it sheds some much needed light.

Plants, just like humans are sensory entities + plants perceive their environment just as we do, through light perception, touch + sound. It's even more humbling to consider that at a subatomic level, whether leaf, dirt, blossom, stone or fleshy beating heart we all resemble the same basic composition.

It was insisted upon some time ago, that plants respond to subtle + not so subtle shifts in their electromagnetic environment - in other words, Plants listen to music! Now whilst some say heavy metal is preferred plant time jam + others insist that it's classical is thei