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New Moon Intention Setting

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

New Moon intention setting gets a lot of airtime in the world of Crystal Magic but is it enough just to imbibe your Crystals once a month with your intent + then step out.

Can we really just set + forget. Maybe not... sorta yes?

A single, unaided thought is like a spark from a flame, it contains all the potential for an inferno but without a source to consume + an accelerant, it extinguishes quickly.

To take form, a single thought needs repetition. I call this seeding.

The more we repeat an idea in our minds, the stronger + more concentrated it becomes. Thoughts are fickle things, they like to wander. Even when we appear intent on a task, the mind is deviating, distracted, caught up in the past or peering ahead. Unless consciously engaged in focused Meditation, when does the mind ever sit still?

This is where Crystals come in. Crystals act as both an object of focus - an anchor of sorts + possess the ability to godspeed an outcome. Consisting of very highly attuned + specific energetic frequencies, crystalline symmetry attunes, holds + transmits at a constancy that the average human mind has not yet harnessed. Independent of human intervention, crystals are supremely capable beings, but when combined with focused intention they supercharge the equation.

An intention is really just a succinct description for an idea we want to bring to life. But, like anything substantial, it requires a foundation + a framework in order for it to materialise.

Serious goal setting starts in the imagination, if you can dream it you can achieve it.

Relying on your intuition to guide the process is a powerful kickstart to manifesting your dreams, + it starts by asking, what do I really want?

For me, intention setting is a two-part miniseries. It starts with full colour visualisation + concludes with deep seeding. It really is about seeing + feeling your new reality.

Another key aspect of successful intention setting is living your new reality as if it were already a thang. Embellish your intentions with the right kind of affirmations. Keep them punchy + always put them in the present tense. Eg : Replace, ‘I want’ or ‘I would like to be happy’ with ’I am Happy’. Observe how different these two phrasings feel to your mind + body, + when you catch those great vibes, imagined or not, run with them.

Did you know that the human smile doesn’t actually require a source of presumed happiness to flood the body with good feels? Spontaneous smiling is a great way to get your mind used to the feeling of conjuring happiness. This sort of emotional role-play can be explored in many forms. Simply observing pictures of your desired reality is enough to get the mind going. You don’t have to visualise cold-turkey. Hit up the internet, or your local library. Do whatever puts you closer to the actual ‘picture’ of what it is you want to achieve. Surround yourself with images that align with your desires. Thought is always seeking to find form.

The Universal language is Energy. In a holographic Universe, where infinite realities are simultaneously occurring, we go where our Energy flows. At any given moment an emerging thoughtform is the definition of pure potential.

In Quantum Physics thought equates energy + energy resembles waves. These waves are actually photons or light particles + it helps to understand at this point ALL MATTER consists of stabilised Light. As multiple waves of equal frequency depart from a source they possess the ability to interact or intersect. This intersection can happen anywhere along the continuum + invariably creates an inference pattern. Multiple inference patterns capably stabilise Light giving way to matter.

So what is seeding? It’s the good feels that you get when you deep dish into your dreams. Your emotions possess the ability to alter your vibration, think of them as your personalized ringtone bound for a Universe that is awaiting your call. They are the cause that becomes your effect. Your emotions, like everything else, equate Energetic signatures + as energy is, so must emotion possess a very particular frequency.

Simply put, like attracts like, therefore constructive seeding is about raising your vibration + keeping it there.

It’s an inescapable fact that when we think positive we vibrate positive + when we concern ourselves with negativity our frequency takes a dive. It’s like the saying ‘where attention goes, energy flows’.

So, can you implore your Crystals, perform your New Moon intention setting + then just walk away? Well, sure you can, but results may vary in intensity + take longer. My advice is to really /imprint/ that stuff.

How best to intention set

When :

It all starts with an idea, so first identify what it is you want to achieve + then put some time aside. The New Moon is symbolic of seedtime + beginnings, so from a cyclical, celestial perspective, it is a very powerful place to start. Keep an eye on the Moon’s cycles by marking them in advance in your calendar. I like to start the process a few days out from the coming New Moon during a brief lunar phase known as the Dark Moon. This is the ideal time to explore new goals so when the New Moon comes the idea of what it is I want to achieve is very clear to me.

Selecting the Crystals :

I have two distinct groups when intention setting; those that help facilitate the creative process + those that I will imbue with my intention. You can refer to this collection for inspiration.

This can be a pragmatic or intuitive process. If a particular crystal is calling to you at this time bring them into your huddle, or do some research + determine what type of crystal would best suit your particular intentions. Regardless of which crystal I choose for a particular goal, I always use an accompanying piece of Clear Quartz to amplify + augment its energy.

Where do YOU go for Soul Dreaming?

My place will not always look like your place. I love a sheltered spot outdoors, lying on the sand, under a tree or cloud gazing, next up is a warm bath or my bed as I'm drifting off to sleep. If you have a sacred space at home that you can return to time again, place your crystals here. If you prefer to wander, keep your stones pouchside or pocket sized for portability purposes.

You can set your scene with gentle music, incense + candlelight - do what ever feels most like YOU. Making space for your Soulwork becomes a ritual within itself, so when you next light that candle, play a particular song or burn some dreamy incense you are immediately conjuring the scene + your magic my dear, is in that very moment is palpable.

Over coming creative blockages?

If you’re having difficulty dreaming big there are Crystals to help with this:


The Solar Plexus + the Throat Chakra are our Creative centres, so I look to a mixture of blue + orange Stones to enliven these energetic centres.

Your Brain is your greatest ally so get ready for a beautiful storm. Be in the moment + do get carried away.

You may notice some emotion coming up as you move through your creative mindspace. Feeling excitement + a sense of anticipation is exactly the kind of energetic momentum we’re looking for. Get giddy, ride those heart swells + smile as the good feels come a cascade.

Sometimes, fear + its many guises may make an unexpected housecall. Doubt, overshadowing + anxiety can enter your thoughts + symptom in the body. Focusing on deep, circular breathing will help dissipate any negative thoughts + as they arise, gently put them aside. Sometimes your todo list for the week comes a cropper. If it helps, have a notepad handy + jot each bullet down so that you can move on to the fun stuff.

It always helps to create a tangible record of your intentions by writing things down, + by tangible, I mean something you can touch. A key component for manifestation work is observing a live thought form translated into the material world. You can add pictures, drawings, diagrams or whatever captures the essence of your intention.

How do I know it’s working?

As we begin to align with our soul’s purpose the work will get easier + feel less like a chore. Like anything, intention setting work is a muscle that will get stronger as you flex, + as it does it will gain momentum + take on a force of its own.

Serendipity is the beautiful lovechild of soul alignment + affirms time + time again that we are on our Path. Beneficent circumstances, whether they feel like chance or not are your highest thoughts manifesting. Good fortune + good feels should feel like coming home. Don’t regard good luck as a miraculous thing, lest of all the Universe treats it as one but rather say ‘this is me, living my BEST life, this is normal for me’ + give thanks. Never, ever forget to express gratitude + be humbled by the Universe’s unrelenting ability to mirror back to you your deepest desires materialised.

Synchronicity is another unmistakable indicator that we are emanating, that our thoughts are being heard + we are manifesting quickly. When you start to observe your existence through the lens of synchronicity you cannot help but notice there is higher force at work. There are no accidents, no such thing as coincidence. Every moment of every day you are creating your reality. It really is what you choose to align with. Waking up to this will change your life forever, I promise.

Love + Light, Amanda X


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