New Moon Intention Setting

Updated: Mar 30

New Moon intention setting gets a lot of airtime in the world of Crystal Magic but is it enough just to imbibe your Crystals once a month with your intent + then step out.

Can we really just set + forget. Maybe not... sorta yes?

A single, unaided thought is like a spark from a flame, it contains all the potential for an inferno but without a source to consume + an accelerant, it extinguishes quickly.

To take form, a single thought needs repetition. I call this seeding.

The more we repeat an idea in our minds, the stronger + more concentrated it becomes. Thoughts are fickle things, they like to wander. Even when we appear intent on a task, the mind is deviating, distracted, caught up in the past or peering ahead. Unless consciously engaged in focused Meditation, when does the mind ever sit still?

This is where Crystals come in. Crystals act as both an object of focus - an anchor of sorts + possess the ability to godspeed an outcome. Consisting of very highly attuned + specific energetic frequencies, crystalline symmetry attunes, holds + transmits at a constancy that the average human mind has not yet harnessed. Independent of human intervention, crystals are supremely capable beings, but when combined with focused intention they supercharge the equation.