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colour healing

Colour Healing, also known as chromotherapy, recognises that an optimal aura - the subtle biofield that surrounds our body exhibits colour harmony + is intrinsic to wellbeing.  When applied as an energetic healing modality, colour therapy has the power to restore balance + recalibrate one's innate life force.  

Colours generate electrical currents + magnetic impulses + their energetic fields activate biochemical + hormonal processes in the human body relevant to optimal health + well-being.

Our life-force is comprised of the 4 pillars - these aspects are the emotional, physical, mental + spiritual. Each pillar possesses a plethora of wisdom + is intended to keep us resilient, orientated, balanced + able to thrive.   

Chromatherapy views auric imbalances as contributors to acute + chronic illness + utilises the visible light spectrum to holistically restore the four pillars.  Our colour signature is unique, intrinsic to well-being + should be honoured.


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