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Introducing the ultimate yoni creatrix - a powerful symbol of divine creation.  This polished form is designed to highlight our innate ability to manifest our most accomplished + consummate version of self.  

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    • communication
    • arts
    • collective consciousness
    • sacred feminine




    Clairaudience is the art of hearing intuitive vocal messages from our Spirit Guides + or that of a Higher Being.  Through localising both the Third Eye + the Throat Chakra, Shattuckite strengthens the psychic’s ‘inner’ ear + primes the throat for reiterating the message.


    Often mistaken for Chrysocolla, this Stone shares the same innate handling of Divine Wisdom + the ability to empower its Guardian through a strengthened bond regarding trust of one’s inner eye + the ability to receive insightful guidance. 


    Sensory guidance is heightened + the translation of codes, symbols + star soul language can be assisted  with the use of Shattuckite.  


    In the more practical realm, it is a very useful Stone for writers researching new content + lends an inspired flair to the written + spoken word.

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