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A wee point with well defined white + green Chlorite layers. 

White Chlorite Phantom Quartz

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    • soul retrieval 
    • earth wisdom
    • connectivity




    Soul remembrance is a process of rediscovery that liberates us from our painbody + constellates the missing aspects of our spiritual identity.    Through gentle, connective means, Chlorite initiates the process of spirit retrieval + delivers a deep-cleansing Soul spa.


    Chlorite is a healer of secret sorrows.  It strengthens the emotional field + repairs interruptions in the aura caused by repressed grief + trauma.  During times of unspeakable loss + the mournful phase that ensues, the Soul becomes overwhelmed + increasingly disconnected.  This is partially due to the ego inspired ‘survival self’ - that low vibrational aspect of Self that becomes defined by suffering + consequently ‘stuck’ in pain. 


    Enlisting the help of Chlorite connects us to the Natural World + places us in direct contact with the Earth’s vast + sustained life force.  It is here we re-establish our latent bonds of inner wisdom, ushered toward our spirit guides we redefine our life's work + reclaim our joy.

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