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All my Trialite is hand selected for their unique patina + high vibe.  This piece is an absolute work of art.  


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  • intuition   •   high priestess  •   moon   •   clairaudience





    Comprised of Blue Tourmaline, Scorzalite, Lazulite + Lithium, this synchronistic combination of Stones represents one of the Highest indigo rays + therefore has an impressive, if not superior resonance with the third eye.  

    A stone of clairaudience, Trialite promotes psychic experience + is recommended for those looking to commence a journey into mediumship.      

    There is immense feeling of solidarity that accompanies Trialite, + even as it delves beyond the veil it does so with immense confidence.   The silver-cord that flows from the tip of each polished point is the same thread that fills your silvery veins.   It is the Light that bathes the High Priestess.    She is at peace in her moonlight garden, beneath tree shade + illuminate + like Trialite she can see in the dark.   






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