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A rare yin tip point with shining rose gold Rutile + peach + beige Lodolite.  

Smoky Quartz + Rose Gold Rutile + Lodolite

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    • willpower
    • synergy
    • clarity
    • illumination












    Rose Gold Rutile Quartz happens when strands of aptly coloured Rutile occur, transfixed within the Quartz crystal medium.  A stellar mix of both pink + copper Rutile,  rose gold brings the love pizzaz + is an imperative stone for reinvigorating long term relationships.  Delivering excitement + new adventure to partnerships that lack spontaneity + this stone brings a renewed synergy to those who feel at odds within their closest pairings.  

    It seeks to align you with your deepest romantic yearnings + has a knack for finding its way out of love troubles.  

    A kinaesthetic stone, pink Rutile encourages tactility + the important of loving, healing touch.   It charges the heart centre with a flush of positive eons, bringing us closer to our love centre + expanding the Heart to receive in pure love + pure trust. 



    When meditating with Rutile Quartz, imagine your highest intentions or programmed intent moving through the threads like energy wire tripping through a circuit, as magnifying intention is indeed its superpower.  This joyful stone grounds light energy at the cellular level, bringing illumination to the physical + spiritual realm.


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