Smoky Citrine w. Phantoms

  • Powered by the Sun + anchored by the Earth, Smoky Citrine warms, cleanses, grounds + invigorates.  With it's protective cloak, this stone makes a great tool for transmuting negative energy, heightening self-discipline + encouraging willpower.  


    Smoky Citrine moves those metaphorical mountains, moving you into a place of deeper expansion while attracting luck and prosperity.  This grounding talisman brings the favour of fortune + is a powerful third-dimension manifestator.


    Phantom Quartz is the chimera of the mineral kingdom,  accessing what resides within + moderating concealed aspects of the trueself.   It is with the use of this stone, the shadowself is balanced + equilibrium restored.  It is a remedy for dissolving creative blockages, especially those that have been caused by imbalances within the psyche + with frequent meditation can grant fellowship to the realm of clairaudience. Keeper of the Akashic compendium, Phantom Quartz symbolises Universal Awareness. 

  • 90 x 30H x 50mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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