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Selenite Touchstone

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    • self love
    • spirit guides
    • deep cleanse
    • higher self 




    Mexican Selenite is a gifted light worker that godspeeds access to the third eye, crown + the soul star chakra.

    When invigorating the upper etheric realm, Selenite provides a near unrivalled energetic intensity.   As it purifies the auric light body, we spiral closer to our loving spirit guides + energetic guardians.

    Selenite strikes a beautiful balance between spiritual whimsy + the energetic anchors that ground us in the physical realm.  Some say, Selenite will advance human evolution at a rate unknown before, as its frequency is capable of attuning us to the higher levels of self at a dizzying speed.  Selenite enables us to dance with the knowledge of our guides whilst remaining firmly planted in the physical plane. 

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