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Juicy, high-grade Argentinian Rhodochrosite.  Always a gorgeous addition to the collection.  Rhodochrosite forms alongside Silver + this piece features Galena, a close relative of this precious mineral.  

Rhodochrosite + Galena

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  • self love  •  remembering forgotten gifts  •  heart expansion  •   compassion



    Rhodochrosite pink is the very colour expression of love. Innately, Rhodochrosite’s gifts are the art of self-care, which in turns becomes self-empowerment + the enduring foundation of everlasting self-love.


    It heals + weaves new aspects of ones inner fabric until it becomes an impenetrable cloak of  self-appreciation + worth.   Associated with both water + fire elementals, Rhodochrosite is the conduit between the upper + lower energy centres facilitating wholeness + unity around the heart.  Its vibration is that of peace, compassion + self-forgiveness.  


    In the English Dictionary there are few positive synonyms for self-love, rather we find words like vanity, egotism, conceit + narcissism.  It’s as if society has linguistically conditioned us to disregard ourselves + place those who surround, before + above.   Rhodochrosite’s message is simple :  Reclaim Yourself.  Self-love does not mean to be selfish, arrogant or vain, it means to honour + recognise that you are a Loving Child of the Divine.  Meditating with Rhodochrosite will help to affirm this.  


    Rhodochrosite heals the disparate inner child + reminds us that Playfulness is an expression that sparks divine creativity + helps one to align with the frequency of love.  Rhodochrosite fosters the great implements of self-empowerment, such as awareness + the ability to release the past.  Rhodochrosite reminds us that NOW is all we really have + that surrendering to each + every present moment in perfect love + perfect trust, is our only way forward. 

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