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Prepare to have your heart stolen.  These gemmy, twinkling Pink Amethyst Geodes make the perfect bedside companion. 

Pink Amethyst Geode

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    • higher self
    • harmony
    • kind love






    We all have something to gain from the ability to be economic with our thoughts, especially if you believe that, above all, these determine your reality.  Pink Amethyst acts like an iconic shape sorter + is an astute tool for memory enhancement + prodigal thinking. It compartmentalizes the various aspects of one’s journey, + that’s not to say it doesn’t allow for blurred lines or overlap, just that it seeks to maintain the key points within a theme. 


    It is a purposeful Stone that bestows upon its guardian the realization that words + actions should never just be ‘for the sake of it’. If you step out, you best know where you’re heading + when you speak, be prepared to own your truth.  It alleviates anxious disorders by teaching that an inability to harness one’s thoughts + deeds, acknowledging them for what they truly are, + oftentimes the impact they have not only upon ourselves, will invariably lead to anxiety + nervous complaints. 


    Said to attract ‘kind love’, Pink Amethyst invites the universal light of love, a warm, inclusive + encompassing energy.  Once void of egotistic power struggles, yin + yang relationships achieve unity through two halves realizing themselves as being complementary to one.  This stone acknowledges that even the most desired affiliations can still bring about pain, but in the eyes of Pink Amethyst, pain is growth. It unifies the lost threads of self + calls back the splintered soul.

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