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Baby touchstone with a darling patina.  

Mangano Calcite

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    • communication   
    • calm
    • clarity
    • stabilising  





    It is the heart's electromagnetic field that effortlessly connects us to all that is.   Appreciation of this equilibrium is what facilitates miracles or what I like to call ‘abundant + spontaneous manifestations of desire’.  When this frequency becomes disrupted, the heart becomes a fear generator - it constricts + life on all levels becomes scarce. Forever tripping ourselves up in doubt + inconsistency, ourconnection to the source becomes remote + at times severed.



    Mangano Calcite stabilises the heart field. It defers hysteria, + is an important stone for coping with sudden loss + overwhelming grief.  It releases fear + the emotional trappings that seize the heart. For these are the toxic emotional excesses that result in anxiety + panic disorders.  This precious + vital stone gently restores the heart to a state of infinite abundance in which it is eternally able to receive + respond in perfect love + without fear.

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