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Golden Healer Quartz Touchstone

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    • cellular regeneration  
    • collective consciousness     
    • soothing





    Golden Healer Quartz exhibits a curious juxtaposition by which it simultaneously soothes, calms + in turn uplifts + revitalises those enlist its help. 


    Capable of cellular replenishment, master healer Golden Quartz accesses the gold midas ray - the highest vibration of healing light.  Commandeered by the power of the sun, the Golden Healer is skilled at enlivening the sacral + the solar plexus.  The ultra awareness of Clear Quartz posseses an energetic vitality that activates the crown chakra. This crown receptacle cascades pure light down the body stimulating the lower energetic centres.


    This multidimensional medicine stone brings new + improved cellular memory coding, rebirthing damaged cells + assisting ailing immune responses.

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