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A luminous + innerlit Green Fluorite Sphere featring subtle Lilac ebbs.  


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  • vitality   •   left + right brain  •   mental dexterity   •   uplifting







    Fluorite is energy selective + discriminate.  It belies the power of assembly + cuts away mental excess, giving order to cluttered thoughts + dissolving negativity. 

    Fluorite moves as a courageous force of Nature, giving form + structure, cutting away dead wood + clearing the fields for new growth. 

    A powerful Air element stone, Fluorite embodies the proverbial winds of change. It can take the form of a blustery gale, sweeping all into the 'eye' where it will be inivitably transmuted into Pure Light or a persistent plain wind that slowly but surely carves facets of change. 

    Fluorite encourages hemispherical union of the brain, facilitating a cohesive balance, information retention + forging new cerebral pathways. Ultimately, it is a stone of focus + mental stamina.  It longs to see thought become form + is a hard working ally of the three dimensional world.

    If energy were a house, Fluorite seeks to hold the deeds + if energy were a blueprint Fluorite holds the master plan.


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