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Selected for her breath taking beauty + gorgeous comoplimentary colour palette. 

Desert Jasper

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    • earth wisdom
    • stabilising
    • grounding
    • creative








    Polychrome, also known as Desert Jasper is a stone of balance + stability + has a specific resonance with the fire elementals.  It puts a passionate spin on practical endeavours + primes one toward inspired action.  


    Found in Madagascar,  Desert Jasper has a strong resonance with the Earthstar chakra, a little known Chakra that resides 12” beneath the feet + is a key constituent of the etheric body.  

    The Earthstar Chakra is connected to the vast field of All That Is, imparting a sense of interconnectivity + collective awareness.  The Earth Star chakra is connected to living multidimensional spirit of Mother Earth + to the Earth’s crystalline grid. 


    When you activate your Earth Start Chakra it establishes an intimate communion with the sacred energy of the Earth.  When meditating with Desert Jasper imagine light flowing upwards from the core of the Earth in through the bottom of your feet + along your spine.  Experience white light entering into each of your chakras and uniting them as one.


    Desert Jasper strengthens the Grand Earth Mother bond, imparting a creative energy + actionable vibrance that slowly but surely bubbles up to the surface to be observed by others.  

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