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Cubic Pyrite

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    • amplification  
    • synergy  
    • prosperity  
    • level up  
    • manifestation 




    Pyrite is the mineral kingdom's power-up.   This mineral takes high frequency energy into the physical body, invigorating the nervous system + empowering the Solar Plexus.   


    Pyrite purifies + stimulates endocrine function, the body's centre for growth, metabolism, sexual function, sleep + wellbeing. 


    Although governed by the Earth element, Pyrite has an enduring connection to the Fire realm, as when two pieces are struck together sparks fly!  Some of the first prehistoric fire starters involved the use of Pyrite flecks.  


    Pyrite is the male duality of the Great Earth Mother,  both grounding + channeling the Earth's energy simultaneously.  Those who have discovered the myriad of benefits when grounding (lying bare skin on the earth)  will get similar results when working with Pyrite.  Place on the soil overnight for added charge. 


    Pyrite is a 'can-do' kinda stone. It fuels ambition, commitment to the task at hand + provides a persistent drive when completing creative projects.

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