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Featuring light to dark blue Kyanite blades + glinty silver Mica.  

Blue Kyanite + Silver Mica

    • telepathy
    • intuition
    • purification











    Blue + Black Kyanite creates a conduit between mind, body + spirit, as it exemplifies an unprecedented ability to align with the throat chakra + the third eye, allowing one to express + communicate with the highest integrity.   


    The presence of Black Kyanite brings a deeply protective + grounding element to this Stone. This mineral powerhouse is infused with the rare ability to cleanse + clear other crystals whilst its own energetic field is uncompromised.  If kept bedside, it can facilitate the gift of lucid dreaming, by way of linking the physical, astral + causal body.


    A truly rare + precious find in this particular colorway, the energy of this particular cerulean Kyanite is pristine + will no doubt forge new + intensified pathways within an already stellar manifesto.

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