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A luminous blue Arabian Sea Calcite sculpted heart.  This stone is also referred to as Carribbean Calcite.   Due to its ocean blue-green colouration I've decided to keep it within the green ray classification.  

Blue Arabian Sea Calcite + Aragonite

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    • empathy   
    • intuition  
    • cleansing  
    • shakti   



    Empathetic + aware, Arabian Calcite conveys a high emotional intelligence + is a Stone of infinite connectivity + intuition.  As it unfurls the Third Eye, cascading through the subtle Meridians + energizing our Etheric body - the aspect of ourselves that flows between the Astral + the Physical plane - it brings us deeper into our centre of Cosmic awareness.  

    As our Etheric body activates so does dream recall + the likelihood of lucid dreaming + Astral travel.  There is a lot to be garnered by harnessing our dreamscapes - the portal through which we gain profound insight into our unconscious + the splendid tapestry of archetypal symbolism that absorbs each lifetime giving birth to the next.  

    These Stones purify + invigorate, bringing with them the unrelenting power of Water + the Spirit of Shakti. As they carry us deep into her inner wisdom, we become aware that she is the water that sculpts the rocks, she is Earth Wisdom, she is the waterfall + she is the rocks.  

    What happens in the plunge pool at the bottom of a waterfall?

    Arabian Calcite is the carved basin that catches everything. Spiritually cleansing, dissolving the remnants of a narrow world view, this Stone observes as the old paradigm is washed away.

    When meditating with this Stone, allow its cleansing energy to enter through the Crown.  Like a flush of positive ions, Arabian Calcite will absolve + invigorate, symbolically moving us from the ocean to the shore + back again until we emerge purified + grounded + anchored deep within our inner knowing.  


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