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A rare, luminous yellow 'Angel Wing' Calcite specimen featuring the characteristic 'bladed' formation, breath-taking luminosity + stunning surface 'glyphs' + 'records'.   This stone will make a delightful addition to your sacred space.  

Angel Wing Calcite

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    • meditation
    • cleansing
    • invigorating
    • illuminating





    Yellow 'Angel Wing' Calcite's name is attributed to its bladed formation which is interlaced with moments of pristine Optical Calcite.  Its surface is often pitted with fascinating 'glyphs' + pyramid-shaped records, making it an integral stone for deeper meditation + inter-galactic soul exploration.  

    Angel Wing Calcite is a high-vibratory crystal that simultaneously cleanses, soothes + invigorates the crown chakra.  As it draws pure light down into the physical body it stimulates the solar plexus, enhancing creativity + promoting sensations of well-being.  




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