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Pristine, high grade natural Ametrine.  


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    • self alchemy  
    • confidence  
    • self expansion  
    • creativity






    For those who have longed to step into the realm of reinvention - Ametrine is for you.   It is a deeply creative starchild Stone, brimming with the wisdom of self alchemy, it will help to facilitate the changes you have been longing for.  Whatever they are! Movement. Motivation. This Stone will inspire.  


    Ametrine is a perfect blend of Amethyst + Citrine + bestows the rare gift of bold autonomy + unabashed self-government. It is a Crystal that unapologetically exclaims: me, me, meeeee! + about time too - we’ve been waiting for you! 

    Brave, fearless + completely without regret, Ametrine is a Stone for those who want to be seen above the crowd but it also knows that a true Queen rules kindly, with wisdom + compassion. 


    This powerful little gem is an original. She is the culmination of a thousand long years + brings the announcement - you have finally arrived. 

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