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Sparkling pale lilac druzy with a glittering rainbow Quartz seam.  


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    • telepathy
    • purification
    • insight
    • magic
    • spiritual shield
    • third eye






    Amethyst has an illustrious ligature with Ancient Egypt, Rome + Greece, as it was once regarded to be as precious as the gem greats, Ruby, Diamond + Sapphire.


    Used to adorn the head + set into sceptres + rings, it was a stone of great prestige, affiliating with the upper chakras + used to awaken the crown. 


    A deeply fabled stone, it was once revered by the ancients to bringwealth, humility,  third eye reckoning + capable of banishingsorrow + evil.


    Today it is still a stone of purification + spiritual shielding.  It is the psychic’s stone + engenders communication with the spirit world, whilst operating from a place of sanctity + salvation.


    Used in Feng Sui to invigorate + protect the home. Immense power starts with belief + through the ages much credence has been bestowed into this great stone.

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