This rare shade of olive green Huelandite is flecked with the odd Stilbite flower + some clear Apothyllite.  Lovely + unusual piece. 

Olive Huelandite w. Stilbite + Apothyllite

  • As a cherished member of the Zeolite clan, this beneficent little beauty gives with both hands.  H U E L A N D I T E  is one of Mother Gaia’s indispensable allies, relentlessly relieving her of toxins + assisting not only in Earth’s innate healing response but of all those who tread upon her.

    A treasured memorykeeper, Huelandite is a channel stone, capable of accessing the akashic compendium via inter dimensional portals, meditation + dreamscapes. 

  • 120 x 70mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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