Deep within Brazil's revered Amethyst mines forms Quartz of all colours.  This dazzling Yellow Quartz slab is set atop an iron-mingled White Quartz Matrix which translates into a dreamy pink undertone.  So lovely. 

Yellow Druzy Quartz

  • Yellow Quartz has a profoundly restorative effect on the nervous system, boosts self-worth + brings a ‘wholeness’ to one’s character.   

    It is a confident little Stone + a potent Solar Plexus enlivener + a Crystal that brings good humour to it’s Guardian, effectively relieving melancholic spells + bouts of despair. 

    It has a satiating effect on the Solar Plexus + is a source of relief for those who carry stress, anxiety + neurosis in their stomachs.  Those who are easily ‘put off’ + experience emotional feedback through their gut can look forward to a newfound Lightness of Being.  Working with Yellow Quartz imparts the sensation of emotional ‘satisfaction’ + the markers of anxiety such as restlessness + excess energy are rebirthed into a purposeful sense of vitality.  


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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