Howlite tumbles make great pocket stones + with their beautiful monochrome marbling, add visual interest to any collection.  Stones will be selected intuitively.  

White Howlite

  • White Howlite cuts away the excess + reveals the heart in its simplest,  most unobestructed form.  To be used liberally, when purity + no fuss simplicity are the order of the day!


    White Howlite is the complete de-stress stone.  Capable of alleviating muscle fatique, headaches + tension associated pain, White Howlite is akin to a clean slate, where all your aches + worries melt away + is the gateway to deep + restorative sleep.  Howlite brings focus + awareness, + where there is knowledge + a still mind, there is the potential for mastery of oneself + environment.  White Howlite seeks to attract favourable solutions + the mediocre will dissolve at the hands of White Howlite.  


    If anxiety, aggression, criticism + haste are some of your less favourable aspects, Howlite will assist by promoting patience, for it is a powerfully calming Stone that facilitates a sense of deep serenity.

  • 15 x 15mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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