White Chlorite Phantom Quartz

  • Phantom Quartz is the chimera of the mineral kingdom, accessing what resides within + moderating concealed aspects of the trueself.   It is with the use of this stone, the shadowself is balanced + equilibrium restored.  It is a remedy for dissolving creative blockages, especially those that have been caused by imbalances within the psyche + with frequent meditation can grant fellowship to the realm of clairaudience.  The shadowself contains all that has been denied, repressed, unaccepted + pushed aside.   It is the dark cache of the psyche + composed of dulled instincts, impulses, desires + fears.  It exists as a record of not only this lifetime, but is a karmic blueprint of our Soul’s past.  

    It is aspects of one’s self that individual members + collective society have shunned, deemed unviable + that what appears to not work in accordance with the norm.

    The White Phantom represents the Highest Evolution of the true self, by which the shadowself is released + transmuted into Love + Light.  As it reveals itself through White, the highest vibrational Light Ray, we are given a tangible reminder of the importance of shadow work.


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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