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A slab of Smoky Quartz mother rock, featuring gemmy watermelon Tourmaline + Lilac Lepidolite. 

Watermelon Tourmaline + Lepidolite

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    • perfect heartspace
    • prosperity
    • creativity
    • inspiration
    • youth







    Watermelon Tourmaline symbolises the perfect heartspace. 
    The 4th Chakra resonates to both the green + pink colour ray + pink is considered the highest emanation. When the two colours combine we have total heart perfection + resolution joy.

    Watermelon Tourmalineseeks to regulate emotional imbalances + always presents a silver lining in upsetting circumstances.  

    There is a pure, loving consciousness to Watermelon Tourmaline + the altruistic soul can be awakened with regular meditation.    It teaches to give with an open heart + not expect anything in return.  It also shows us that energy is reciprocal + ultimately what returns to us is what we gave out.  A lot of petty disappointments can be avoided in life when you take this Stone into your space.  


    Lepidolite is ore lithium or pull-you-back-from-the-brink stone. When combined with Tourmaline it weaves a deeper understanding, that there is no true suffering or disadvantage.  It is like the leaves of wisdom falling, returning to the earth to be taken up by the tree once more. 

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