A beautiful 'Angel Wing' Cross Cluster with internal Rainbows. 

Water Clear Cross Quartz Cluster

  • White Ray Clear Quartz is a myriad crystal able to align itself with all Chakras + Energy Centres, including the eighth or Soulstar Chakra.
    Deemed holographic storage devices, these Crystals have a long + lustrous significance with many Ancient Cultures, including that of Atlantis + the Lemurians.  
    Clear Quartz signifies infinite Cosmic Energy, supreme Divine Wisdom + Spiritual Compassion.  It amplifies the power of intention, godspeeds all that aligns with it + is a powerful memorystone, capable of programming.  Used to blend + enhance the Energies of other Crystals it is an invaluable asset to any Crystal + Mineral collection.


    Cross Quartz teaches us that sometimes surrender is the only way forward.  When we approach the fabled crossroad we must relinquish all expectation + fears to seamlessly flow into a brighter future.  Cross Quartz helps us put down our proverbial crutches, the things we haphazardly lean on in times of turmoil but those that do not really serve us. 


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