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This high vibe Starbrary Quartz has a stunning luminosity + vibrant etchings.  This piece consists of a double-terminated crossed point + a stunning elestial self healed underside.  

Vanadinite + Pink Barite

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    • resiliance
    • balance
    • self expansion
    • perserverence




    Vanadanite is a stone of personal power + persistence, Vanadinite is a natural born organiser, bringing mental clarity + physical gusto.  Befriending Vanadinite is akin to bringing home the mercurial whizz kid.  In the quest to get things done, it is a dash of one direction + two parts inspired thought. 


    A Fire Elemental stone that enlivens sacral,  Vanadinite possesses a strong grounding presence + simultaneously forges a tenacious link with the etheric realms.  With the use of this stone there is no risk of wandering off.  It keeps ones feet fully planted + stabilises the mind during times of emotional spin, alleviating anxiety + promoting mental clarity.


    The beauty of Barite is its ability to excite the mind toward realising the soul’s purpose.  Upon first handling this stone one becomes roused + starts ‘packing’ for the journey.    It is adept at releasing timeworn genetic patterns + is capable of karmic liberation + dispelling unhealthy habits by dissolving the energetic bonds that enable them.   

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