This Pink Barite Rosettes with a lush smattering of Ruby Red Vanadinite. 

Vanadinite + Pink Barite

  • Barite Rosettes are potent energisers for the Etheric Chakras, magnetising high-frequency Energy + creating a deep resonance with the Upper Lightfield. 

    Used specifically for developing the Higherself, Barite is a powerful memorystone, assisting with information retention required for Spiritual  evolution.    

    Visions will come in assisted Dreamtime.  Keeping Barite by the bedside will infuse your Dreams with symbolic language,  ideal for Spiritual nourishment.  Barite works by creating a three-fold grid within the Auric Field + thereby raising one’s Energetic spectrum + clears internal blockades + facilitates temporary ascension into the Higher Realms.    

    The beauty of Barite is its ability to excite the mind toward realising the Soul’s purpose.  Upon first handling this Stone one becomes roused + starts ‘packing’ for the Journey.    It is adept at releasing timeworn genetic patterns + is capable of Karmic liberation + dispelling unhealthy habits by dissolving the Energetic bonds that enable them.   


    Vanadanite is a stone of personal power + persistence, Vanadinite is a natural born organiser, bringing mental clarity + physical gusto.  Befriending Vanadinite is akin to bringing home the mercurial whizz kid.  In the quest to get things done, it is a dash of one direction + two parts inspired thought.  A Fire Elemental stone that enlivens the Root, Sacral + Solar Plexus,  Vanadinite possesses a strong grounding presence + simultaneously forges a tenacious link with the Etheric Realms.  With the use of this Stone there is no risk of wandering off, it keeps ones feet fully planted + stabilises the mind during times of emotional spin, alleviating anxiety + promoting mental clarity.


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