This high vibe piece boasts two water clear Quartz pillars, complete with isis windows + a tabular base.  The tabular table top is perfect for cleansing + charging other Crystals.   Features a remarklable self healed, pearl lustre, mosiac base.  Absolutely incredible.  

Twin Pillar Tabular Quartz

    • ancient star beings
    • light transmission 
    • purification
    • empathy 




    Crystallore states that this unique type of etched Quartz has been coded in symbols + glyphs + carries with it the language of ancient starbeings.   As Earth's vibration shifts, the Starbrary's are rising to be found + as they disperse, they are creating a grid that will fully ‘awaken’ mankind + blanket the planet in radiant light.  

    These select stones, along with Lemurians, are beacons. When we connect with a Lemurian or Starbrary’s energy it identifies us as a Lightworker, amplifying our abilities + assisting in the transmission of sacred light.  


    We are creating a human lightgrid + it is our mission to share + spread this sanctified energy by networking with other awakened souls. Within this grid, we are all connected - the ultimate cosmic entanglement that has captured us all + we like to call it our ‘tribe’, our 'crystal community'. 



    Soul remembrance is a process of rediscovery that liberates us from our painbody + constellates the missing aspects of our Spiritual identity.   Chlorite is a healer of secret sorrows.  It strengthens the emotional field + repairs interruptions in the aura caused by repressed grief + trauma.   


    Through gentle, connective means, Chlorite initiates the process of spirit retrieval + delivers a deep-cleansing soul spa.