S7 Sphere


    There is something decidedly old magic + instinctive about the

    power of S7 + yet this progressive stone of ascension, is

    capable of coding future energy systems.

    Imbibing the aspects of all 7 stones, that make up this one Crystal, the powers of these minerals combined create an 8th, cumulative energy. This Energy will chart the advancement of humanity + by definition is the very

    future of our DNA.

    Also known as Melody Stone, first discovered in Brazil, it is found only found North of Rio De Janeiro + consists of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Smoky Quartz, Rutile, Clear

    Quartz, Geothite + Lepidocrocite. This diverse convergence of

    properties stimulates an equal resonance with all Chakras, creating

    a streamlined effect, by which the Auric fields are fortified by their


  • 80mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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