A gorgeous + detailed Sphere with an irresistable sparkle. 

Sunstone Sphere

  • Sunstone is the Yan to Moonstone’s Yin + brings a pure embodiment of the Solar Ray.  In Medicine Wheel Ceremonials, Canadian Indians associate this Stone with the White healing Light of the Sun.

    An Energetically expansive + empowering Stone that enlivens the lower Chakras,  Sunstone is a ‘make hay while the Sun shines’ kind of Stone that gently rouses one toward action + effect + once the proverbial ball gets rolling encourages endurance + task completion.   

    Sunstone is firmly planted in the here + now,  bringing good spirits + ambience to your every day whilst dispelling the what if’s + if only’s.   Sunstone cares neither for the past nor the future + its successes rely on an ability to seize the moment.

    Sparkling Sunstone occurs with the presence of Goethite, an inclusion that attunes its Guardian to Ethereal music, imbibing your every day with Divine melody. 


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