The Zeolite dreamteam, Green Apophyllite + Stilbite.  

Stilbite + Green Apophyllite

  • Green Apophyllite resonates with the Crown + the Heart Chakra + is a stone that fosters telepathic communication with the Plant + Animal kingdom. It is the Green Thumb stone, a vital ally to any gardener + facilitates Earth healing + environmental evolution. Green Apophyllite recognises ‘opening’ or vortex’s in the Natural world, access points that delve between the Spiritual + the material realm

    In the matrix, Green Apophyllite sings an abundant + forgiving heartsong + brings insight + clarity to lovetroubles.   A hand to hold, Green Apophyllite reminds us we are never alone + that universal love is but a heartbeat away.  


    Beloved Stilbite, the stone of flight + safe passage. Stilbite means to shine + be seen.  It believes in happy ever after + nudges us to remember the initial spell of love - even on the darkest day.  A potion for sweet dreams + sweethearts, Stilbite brings love magic to the four corners, dissolving poison + toxicity in the actual + the metaphorical.


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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