Stilbite Flower w. Sequin Zeolites

  • Beloved Stilbite, the stone of flight + safe passage.   Stilbite means to shine + be seen.  It believes in happy ever after + nudges us to remember the initial spell of love - even on the darkest day.    A potion for sweet dreams + sweethearts,  Stilbite brings love magick to the four corners,  dissolving poison + toxicity in the actual + the metaphorical.


    Zeolite is a stone for supporting the immune system + an enhanced healing response.  The body has a innate + extremely capable healing mechanism that when prompted + allowed to run its course has the capability to cure all dis-ease.  Constantly interrupted by antibiotics, invasive + counteractive procedures the body’s immune response becomes compromised + eventually goes into total shutdown.  Zeolites help to rid the body of accumulated toxins, declutter + nuetralise toxic scavengers + restore the body to its purposeful, productive + highly capable self.   

  • 145 x 55H x 50mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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