Beautiful asteriated Rose Quartz, with a holographic Star formation present under vivid light. 

Star Rose Quartz

  • Star or Asteriated Rose Quartz is a specific type of Quartz that due to the presence of innerscape, microline rutile, creates an asterism or six ray star when the Stone is spherically ‘shaped’ + angled under bright light.  


    The presence of the Star signifies Divine Love + to ‘play’ with its breathtaking Lightdance is to remember it is our birthright to experience Joy.  Happiness is not something reserved for the young or the seeminly unburdened, you are entitled to reclaim + to realise that as a Human Being, you inherit the right to happiness. 


    Due to the presence of Rutile, Star Quartz need ever be cleansed + is a deeply protective stone with an extremely high Love vibration.   Presiding over the Realm of Children, Star Rose Quartz makes a brilliant gift for new parents, an indispensible addition into the Nursery + can be worn + handled by the very young, including premature + babies born with Heart conditions. 


  • 80mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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