A wee mountainesque cluster with delicate Lavender peaks. 

Lavender Spirit Quartz


    Lavender Spirit Quartz has a delightful ability to purify the Auric field, releasing undesirable entities.  With Amethyst Spirit Quartz the Astral body is balanced, etheric holes repaired + with this comes a lightness of Being.

    Spirit Quartz alleviates sensory overload brought about by excessive stimuli, it soothes an overwrought nervous system + harmonises the collective.    Caught on repeat, Spirit Quartz eases reoccurring negativity + promotes connectivity.  Loneliness + anxiety are indicators of Soul splintering + a gradual disassociation from Source.  Spirit Quartz not only renews old Soul bonds, it forges new ones through cascades of high light vibrations.  


Wellington,  Aotearoa


Phone: 022 0821064 vvitchmountain@icloud.com

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