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High grade, Brazilian Sodalite.  Simply the best.  


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    • intuition
    • mecurial prowess
    • guidance
    • self expansion
    • truth
    • inner quest 







    Resonating with the third eye, Sodalite is a stone of enhanced perception. Its psychically penetrative qualities bring a deeper insight + the stripping of extraneous details allows a clarified picture to emerge.   Referred to as the latent genius stone, Sodalite stimulates mental prowess, heightens ones analytical skills + when merged with increased creativity is capable of synthesising new thought forms + facilitating emergent dialogues.  

    When acquainting oneself with the concept of personal destiny, Sodalite appears at the forefront of such a journey, a beacon crystal that heralds the beginning of a deep, inner quest. Throughout this journey, Sodalite will continue to guide + inform those who seek its wisdom. It promotes increased accurate intuition + dissolves the barriers that cause one to second guess gut instincts.  Its involvement intensifies the understanding of karmic patterns in ones former + future existence. It possesses the ability to both acknowledge + retain pattern recall, making it an indispensable ally for all astrologers, numerologists + oracle readers.  


    It is these archetypal patterns revealed through consultation of such means that Sodalite seeks to reveal + relay to its guardian through concise + palatable images.  


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