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An incredibly detailed cluster featuring etched Smoky Quartz, rare geometrically patterned Black Tourmaline + a silvery Lilac Lepidolite underside.    

Smoky Quartz, White Gold Mica, Black Tourmaline + Lepidolite

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    • deflection
    • protection
    • purification
    • empathy 





    Black Tourmaline + Mica presents an accomplished duo for safely realising one's purpose. With Mica's ability to reflect, highlight + magnify, Tourmaline's innate shield becomes amplified, unfettered from illusion + provides the gift of safe-passage during mediative introspection. This potent pair renews self-commitment + unfurls the realm of pure potential.  An important stone for returning negative energy back to where it came - just don’t forget to send it back as white light. 


    Tourmaline Quartz understands that no matter our intentions sometimes we stray, we get way laid + we stumble.  It understands what it means to be human + is a supportive stone during times of substance recovery + overcoming addiction.  It  shields + cleanses, transmuting negative energy into white light + returns it to source as a reciprocal contribution to the never ending re-cycle that is life.


    Liberated from the scars of past hurts, the auric cleansing nature of Smoky Quartz delivers a newly clarified + exalted lightbody.  There is a renewed understanding of how the storybook heaven on earth can be attained, born from a vision of pure joy + what it means to carry peace within.  

    Freed from attachments, healed + renewed, one can begin to experience life from the vantage point of non-attachment, not to be confused with detachment - where one is no longer swallowed whole by vices but rather enlightened + made weightless by the absence of consumption.  

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