Smoky Quartz w. Black Rutile Sphere

  • Known as the bright future Stone, Black Rutile grounds, protects + ‘tunes in’ to one's true potential.  This powerful amplification Stone synchs with Universal Energy through antennae like means, tuning into specific frequencies + curbing ‘interference’ from unwanted sources, allowing for precise + streamlined focus when attaining one's goals.

    Its ability to magnify + accelerate focussed intention godspeeds Earthtime manifestation, making light work of desires becoming material form. 

    Black Rutile stimulates all Meridians or Chakras + the rousing of these energy centres sees increased synchronicity.

    When present in Quartz,  its powers are only amplified.  It also lends the gift of self-cleansing + self-charging.


    Smoky Quartz carefully activates both the Root + the Heart

    Chakra, combining their energies so that the Heart becomes

    anchored + raw primal instincts are tempered.

    An essential stone for alleviating chronic depression, Smoky

    Quartz brings negative patterns skyward, dissolving them as they

    appear + discarding psychic debris for the win.

  • 40mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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