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This self healed Smoky Quartz tabular Elestial features remarkble etchings, sunken pyramids,  double terminated growth + rainbows.   A very powerful piece.  

Smoky Quartz Record Keeper Elestial

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    • open source  
    • protection  
    • receptivity  
    • grounding full spectrum light
    • intuition







    Elestial Quartz is in constant receivership of full spectrum light + as it receives it moderates + adjusts to fit the specific needs of its guardian.  

    Even experienced healers cannot operate at an unbridled energetic intensity forever + Elestial Quartz’s function is to preserve energy systems + serves as an ally to all types of vibrational healing by way of subtle energetic streaming.    


    Like the crystalline equivalent of our own internal homeostatic mechanisms, Elestials are in a perpetual state of flux, flowing to + from but constantly seeking equilibrium within the dynamic light spectrum.  


    The synchronistic addition of Smoky Quartz grounds light energy in the physical realm + acts as a potent eliminator of the subconscious patterns that perpetuate depressive + melancholic thoughtforms.     

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