Smoky Quartz

  • Smoky Quartz is adept at clearing negative patterns + receiving Light Energy.

    When the bio-magnetic sheath is interrupted + the Aura imbalanced, blocked or disturbed our Energy shield is compromised + we become deeply symptomatic. 

    This can range from physical illness to anxiety,  sleep disorders may arise + our emotional health suffers.  Some liken it to a sensation of stagnation, our lifeforce falters + Spiritual growth is halted.

    From the ground up Smoky Quartz is a stone of survival instincts + pure white light.  It links us to the highest realms of being, invokes our Spirit Guides + amplifies the truth of everything around it.  

    Powerfully grounding + full of pluck this crystal acts like the grandfather of the mineral kingdom, bringing with it the qualities of mental fortitude, endurance and true grit.

    Smoky Quartz carefully activates both the Root + the Heart Chakra, combining their energies so that the Heart becomes anchored + raw primal instincts are tempered.  

    An essential stone for alleviating chronic depression, Smoky Quartz brings negative patterns skyward, dissolving them as they appear + discarding psychic debris for the win. 

  • 80 x 40mm   158g


Wellington,  Aotearoa


Phone: 022 0821064

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