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There is much more to the photo than meets the eye.  Closer inspection reveals a faceted Smoky Quartz with a large rainbow at the base + dark vertical + diagonal venetian Phantoms.  

Smoky Phantom Quartz

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    • seedtime
    • star wisdom
    • release    



    From the ground up Smoky Quartz is a stone of survival instincts + pure white light.  Smoky Quartz links us to the highest realms of being + amplifies the truth of everything around it.  Powerfully grounding + full of pluck this crystal acts like the grandfather of the mineral kingdom, bringing with it the qualities of mental fortitude, endurance and true grit.


    Smoky Quartz carefully activates both the root + the heart chakra, combining their energies so that the heart becomes anchored + raw primal instincts are tempered.  

    An essential stone for alleviating chronic depression, Smoky Quartz brings negative patterns skyward, dissolving them as they appear + discarding psychic debris for the win. 


    Liberated from the scars of past hurts, the auric cleansing nature of Smoky Quartz delivers a newly clarified + exalted lightbody.  There is a renewed understanding of how the storybook heaven on earth can be attained, born from a vision of pure joy + what it means to carry peace within.  

    Freed from attachments, healed + renewed, one can begin to experience life from the vantage point of non-attachment, not to be confused with detachment - where one is no longer swallowed whole by vices but rather enlightened + made weightless by the absence of consumption.  


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