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Featuring defined smoky phantoms + Hollandite inclusions.  This piece features the coveted 'angel fingers', a distinctive internal patina that resemble finger prints + symbolise the divine.   

Smoky Phantom Amethyst w. Hollandite

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    • open source  
    • protection
    • receptivity
    • full spectrum light






    Smoky Amethyst can be used to activate the higher crown, soul star + stellar gateway chakras + has a profound stimulating effect on the etheric energy centres.


    It carries an exceptionally high vibratory resonance + allegiance to the sacred divine.  Known as Master Healers, Smoky Amethyst realigns both our meridians + the Earth alike. 


    They facilitate conscious transformation + are particularly adept at removing all unwanted attachments from both the physical + spiritual realm.  


    An important stone for those wishing to banish substance addictions, the Amethyst Phantom stabilises addictive personalities.  Cravings + impulsive behaviours are eventually dispelled through a surge of rejuvenating energy that facilitates the road to recovery. 

    When coupled with the Smoky Phantom, this combination helps place in perspective that the body is a temple - not merely a vehicle or house for the mind but a home to the soul + a revered + sanctified entity unto its own.

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